The Cosmic Rabbit

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” "Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.” ― A.A. Milne

Thanks Mom and Dad...

The bottom line is that I went to the Karoo with an iPhone and an iPad and a few explosives and the intent to let my creative freedom rock. I came back ten days later , a movie maker, an idea to make a movie about the Boer War, a producer ready to roll, a film editor, an explosives expert, an invitation to give one of the opening talks at the Prince Albert Film Festival end September 2017, an invitation to enter one of my movies into the Festival Competition, a dog who is not a dog, and a farm that I'd had my eye on for 50 years. Apart from that I'll be doing a book along with my friend Cheryl Adler to record the extraordinary work of artists Andrea Desmond-Smith and Kobus Stander. At the end of October I've been invited to open one of the Franschhoek Festival's Art Openings. Who would have thought, little old me, the useless good for nothing I'd been told I was, could put all of this together and in the space of 10 days !

Of course the answer is I didn't. I had enormous help from the Cosmos, my ancestors and my father, who passed away last year at 100 years old and whose presence and guidance I'd felt since May 01, 2017, the day I started to live. He'd gone outside and raised his hands to the stars and said "OK I'm ready, you can take me now" just  weeks after his 100th birthday. He died a few hours later.

Thanks Dad, while you were not around much while you were alive, I can feel your presence and guidance very strongly after your've connected me to the Cosmos and helped me ffind my Life's Purpose and that is a gift greater than any I know of and I'm going to share that magic with the world.

And to my mother, the harshest and toughest critic I've ever known. Thank you for your help and support without which I could never have found myself in this place. Your sometimes incredibly harsh words only made me more determined than ever that I would prove even if only to myself that I've not "done nothing" with my life. Please come snd stay on the farm at the end of September and you can come to my opening speech at the Prince Albert Film Festival.

To quote from "The Untethered Soul: The Journey" by Michael A.Singer " You are living on a Planet spinning around the middle of outer space, and you're either worrying about your blemishes, the scratch on your new car, or the fact that you burped in public. It's not healthy." he goes on to say that "You're locking your illness inside yourself and it will only get worse."

And to quote my friend Jean the astronomer extraordiaire : "Tell an astronomer that a dung beetle can see the stars and he'll think you're not normal. What's normal anyway, it's just a fucking setting on a washing machine and the modern ones don't even have a normal setting !"