The Cosmic Rabbit

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” "Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.” ― A.A. Milne

The Stuff of Dreams

For as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be an artist. At 12 my parents shattered my dreams when they advised me that to be an artist was to starve and earn no money and struggle to put food on the table. That was the case in Cape Town 50 years ago. Without telling anyone I decided that I would work as long and as hard as I needed to until eventually I'd have my dream house and it would be fully paid. Then I'd work even harder and earn the money to build a second house which I would rent out, at which point I could become the artist I always wanted to be.

Fifty years or a half a century later, never losing sight of my goal, my dream became a reality. I made a note to myself in my diary. "Born 13 Feb 1955, started living 01 May 2017".

After a disastrous marriage in which I was stomped underfoot and told how useless I was, a recurring theme in my life, I had a nervous breakdown and spent a week in hospital recovering. At that point I realised no amount of subservient, compliant behaviour was ever going to be enough to put this marriage right and I promptly ffiled for divorce. I suffered a severe bout of depression for about 2 years during which time I was "diagnosed" as bi-polar. I was put onto Lithium and all sorts of other terrible drugs. After 17 years of sleeping tablets, tranquilizers and a host of other drugs, uppers, downers, stabilizers, I decided there must be a better way than this. I researched on the internet and came up with Lindi Te Water,

I came across 2 videos that really struck a chord with me :