The Cosmic Rabbit

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” "Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.” ― A.A. Milne

The Drone Flying Lesson.

Next day I rush off to my drone flying lesson a bit late because I overslept and Johan Cloete shoots out of the farmhouse in a panic and says quickly quickly the airfield we must hurry. I'm dizzy with all of the exciting things happening so I say to him"Johan, there's too much going on and I came to the Karoo to chill out" "Yes but the wind is gonna pick up and then we can't fly" he says "So what" I say " theres always tomorrow or the next day." "I'm not rushing and all I'm asking for is a cup of tea to stay focussed and calm"

In the farmhouse I meet Suzette, Johan's wife, a lamb that thinks it's a dog, and Jean, who is cooking.

Suzette tells me that since Brett mentioned my name she doesn't know why but she just had a very strong feeling we were meant to meet.  "So what's your story ?" she asks.

I related everything you've read and more. She's rivetted. An hour and a half and several cups of tea later I come to the pigment explosion and how that movie made me think of the boer war. One of my own relatives was General Cronje and my Grandmother I recently learned from my 98 year old aunt was in a British Prisoner of War Camp during the Boer War and never got over how the soldiers used to throw babies up into the air and then spear them with their bayonets on their way down. 

I explain how this pigment explosion was a lifetime dream come true, and more than that, the opening to doing documentaries on the Boer War.

"I'm in" Suzette says. I'm part of the team. Oh, I say, and what expertise can you bring to the party ? 

"Oh I worked for Sky News for 30 years producing and promoting documentaries and your ideas are fabulous. And another thing, my husband Johan is also part of the team. He does the drone flying for fun. He is a professional movie editor. And there's someone else you must meet. Jean, come over here and say hello to Anthony". Jean had been very quiet in the background but listened and looked intently. "And what does Jean do ?" I said "Jean is an explosives expert" Suzette pipes up. "So that's your team and we're ready to go. Better move up to Prince Albert. And better make it quick because I'm in charge of the Prince Albert Film Festival and we want to you to give one of the opening talks at the Main Cinema Complex in Prince Albert end September and we must enter your movie in the Film Festival. There's a place for rent just 2 km. outside Prince Albert and I suggest you stop off and have a look."