The Cosmic Rabbit

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” "Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.” ― A.A. Milne

An Olive farmer Unwittingly Launches my Career.


The next afternoon I was sitting at the Arga in Brett's Kitchen and he said "Taste these Olive Oils, they're from a farmer that does nothing but Olive Oil and they're really good". I had a shot glass of each and said I needed to get to the farmer to buy some Olive Oil. He arranged a meeting for that afternoon and just on the off chance I took my pipes and explosives and pigment powders with me and had a fabulous soul soothing open air ride in the Polaris without a care in the world.

Five minutes into the Olive Oil tasting with Stefan ( Stefan Freysen from Vrisch Gewacht Olive Farm  I couldn't help myself and I said "Stefan, sorry to interrupt you man, but I have to ask you something. Have you seen the landscape outside ?" "I see it every day" he said.

"But Stefan, have you seen how beautiful the sunset on the landscape is ?" "Sun sets here every day" he casually replied. "Stefan, please, I gotta ask this one favour, can I shoot a picture of this beautiful sunset on the landscape?" "Sure no problem" he replied. "Stefan, actually it's a movie clip I want to do on my iPhone" "Go ahead, picture , movie clip who cares ?" he quipped. "Stefan, I want to plant a few pipes on the ground because they're part of the movie" "Sure" he said " Landscape, sunset, movie, pipes on the ground. "Who cares, go ahead." "But Stefan, there's only one other thing" I said " I'm going to ffill the top bit of the pipe with powder pigment. And then I'm going to plant a cracker in the pigment" "So what" he said. "Well I'm going to ask you to light the cracker" "Sure" he said, "I'll light the cracker for you".

"Only one thing Stefan, this light is fading fast, we'll have to hurry". I set up the pigment and cracker in the pipe and making sure the pipe did not cut the horizon line I asked him to light the cracker. Just as he was about to light it I said "Woah, hold on, I forgot something. You need gun muffs. Here." "Is this thing gonna make a noise?" he asked. "Yes, I said, it's not called a "widow maker" for nothing !. Stefan puts on the gun muffs and just as he's about to light the cracker he stops dead in his tracks "Anthony" he says "have you ever done this before?" "No I havent" I casually say, but we need to hurry because the sun is setting.

He lights the cracker and then I ask him another ffinal favour. I need to be in the movie so I need him to shoot it. "I can't shoot a movie" he says " Yes you can" I say " Here's the iPhone, there's the Red Button, just Press it when I say so and keep the iPhone level please". "OK" he says. And that is the story of how a farmer that I'd known for only a few minutes became my moviemaker and unknowingly helped launch my career. There's a link to the movie here but you'll need to obtain a licence key from us to watch it. Please make use of the Contact Form on this page to request a key.

I'm over the moon that in one single take my 50 years of waiting to become an artist has started off quite literally with a bang.