The Cosmic Rabbit

“Hallo, Rabbit,” he said, “is that you?” "Let’s pretend it isn’t,” said Rabbit, “and see what happens.” ― A.A. Milne

I stop at Millers House.

 I stop off and take pictures everywhere. I'm desperate for this place. This is the place I've had my eye on for 50 years. I call the estate agent but she's on her way to George and she's "not coming back for me" she "has a holiday house to go to" but I plead with her and she changes her mind, saying that if I drop everything I'm doing right there and then, and I drive out to the farm immediately, she'll meet me there in 5 minutes but she's not waiting for me. She tells me the owner is annoyed, firstly the farm has already been sold, and secondly, who the hell is this Anthony Johnson who thinks he can just sail into Prince Albert and buy up a farm in 5 minutes. Anyhow I already love the farm, I just need to see the cottage inside. After 15 seconds walking through the cottage I say Denise, I know it's already it's sold, but I want it. There have been signs I've had and I think the current sale might fall through. "Man" she says "I've had quick sales in my time but this is an all time record if this one goes through "15 seconds" she muses. I tell her she won't believe me but I say I had a message from a rabbit but I'd explain to her some other time ! And it turns out that this very large Rabbit that measures about 3-4 foot from the top of it's ears to the ground when sitting is one of only 200 Riverine Rabbits of it's kind left in the world. Brett says I must meet the author of the books about the Riverine Rabbit, a friend of his, Louisa Punt-Fouche, a psychologist and animal lover who took specific interest in the plight of this Riverine Rabbit when she moved to Prince Albert.

"OK then" says Denise, the Estate Agent as she hops cheerfully into the Polaris like a little girl with a large grin on her face as we take a tour of the farm in the Polaris fun vehicle "let's just put an offer on the table and if by some chance the deal falls through then the owner will have a day to think your offer over. "A day is too long" I said. Four hours maximum. It's either yes or no. I don't mess around. While we put a formal offer to purchase together in Denise's town offfice a man rushes in and points at me. "You" he said pointing at me "you Anthony Johnson ?" "Yes" I replied.

"You're a boxer ?" "No" I replied. Then you are an artist "Yes", a film maker "Yes" a Ceramicist "Yes" You do Paintings with Beeswax "Yes" "I've read up all about you on Google. I'm the owner of the farm you want to buy and I want to hear your story. An hour later he sees the pigment explosion movie and he sways and sings to the words of "Over the Rainbow" ...."troubles melt like lemon drops, high above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me" and I know then that if there's a chance of the current sale falling through he'll accept my offer, which was for the full asking price.